Each year SMOG offers up to 3 netball scholarships for talented netball players leaving school.  SMOG is one of Wellington’s leading netball clubs, with a large number of teams catering for all abilities. We are committed to achieving excellence and have the following 4 goals for our top teams:

1. Win Premier 1 and 2.

2. Develop depth in SMOG 1 – 3 so players can progress and be successful in all teams.

3. Develop a high-performance culture.

4. Have SMOG players represent Wellington at Age group and Senior Levels.


Scholarships are open to players who left school at the end of 2023. Anyone applying should be capable of playing Premier 1 or 2 level netball.


The recipients will receive the following benefits:

  1. Full fees paid for 2024 and half fees paid for 2023
  2. Free training T-Shirt. 


Applications are open and will close on 1 April 2024. 

Applicants will be expected to trial for Premier 1 – 2 teams before scholarships are granted. At trials both team selectors and the Scholarship Appointment Panel will assess the applicants.  Prior to the teams being announced successful applicants will be advised whether they have received a scholarship and which team they have been selected into. However, the Scholarship Appointment Panel may grant scholarships prior to trials in certain circumstances.

Please click here to indicate your interest and to complete a form.


The scholarship recipient will:

  1. Commit to playing for SMOG in 2024 and 2025. 
  2. Be fully committed to the team they are selected into. This includes attending all trainings and games, and ensuring they reach and maintain expected fitness and performance levels.
  3. Assist with up to 3 coaching sessions per season with other club teams.
  4. Participate in Club Fundraising activities.
  5. Attend up to 2 sponsor’s commitments.
  6. Comply with the club’s rules and policies.


If the recipient breaches their obligation to play for SMOG in 2024 and 2025 they will be invoiced for the full fees for that season. Non-payment of these will make the recipient un-financial and unable to play netball at any Netball New Zealand affiliated club throughout New Zealand.

If the recipient moves away from Wellington, the club will waive this clause as long as the recipient does not register or play for any other club at Netball Wellington Centre.

If the recipient breaches any other obligations, the club will write to the recipient outlining the breach and what the club expects the recipient to do to remedy it. The recipient will have 10 days to remedy it and if the breach is not remedied, or occurs again, the club may withdraw the scholarship.