Our velcro bibs require a bit of care and we highly recommend they be washed after every match.  The recommended way of washing the Velcro bibs are:

  • Stick the velcro bibs together in pairs.
  • Place the set in a garment bag (a bra bag) and wash them in warm water with other white or light-coloured items.
  • Use fabric softener rather than powder if you can.

Training bibs should also be washed after each use as no one likes playing in training bibs particularly as they usually sit in gear bags amidst the playing balls.  Let’s face it, no one likes pulling out training bibs that smell terrible, let alone having to train in them!

Training bibs can be washed in with general washing, however we please ask that you do NOT put them in the dryer as this causes the lettering to stick and crack.


We expect that our players will treat all kit with care, but bibs do take a bit of a beating across the season.  If you have bibs that need repairs or replacement – please tell us!  We can source new bibs fairy quickly and that is our preference.