St Mary’s Old Girls Netball (SMOG) is one of the oldest and largest netball clubs in our region, fielding approx. 12 teams right through from Premier to Senior grades, including 2 teams in the top Premier One competition in Wellington. 

We pride ourselves upon being a club well governed, structured, organized and financially stable with our current membership siting at approx. 110-130 members.  We have had players such as Sandra Edge, Irene van Dyk and Karin Burger wear the ‘blue dress’ as well as having produced a large number of high-performance players through the representative levels.

In addition to this, we are a club that enjoys nurturing the social elements that the game of netball provides our players and members.  Therefore “having a sense of belonging to the game we love" through 5 key values are the foundations upon which SMOG Netball Club is built:

  • FAIR

There are often many different reasons as to why players come to SMOG Club, and we take pride in that our club is viewed as a highly attractive and desirable option to:

  • Current or previous players who played for the club the previous  year/s.
  • School leavers looking for a new club to be a part of.
  • New people coming into the region for reasons such as university or work.
  • Players committing to the sport/club after taking time away from the game.
  • Be part of a club that has strong links to a community-based environment where they can interact with other sporting codes.
  • Self-entered (and self-organised) teams who simply want to play for fun and be socially active within the club.
  • Newcomers looking to be involved at an administration level to gain experience.
  • People wanting to observe our teams in training, match play for personal learning.
  • Be involved at a grass-roots level and know your contribution is valued.
  • HIgh performance players with representative aspirations for higher honours.
  • High performance coaches wanting support and mentorship to progress their coaching aspirations.
  • All people within our local communities who want to be associated and involved in a well governed, structured, organised, competitive, social and inclusive Netball Club.

To compliment the relationships our players and members establish ‘on’ the playing court, we are delighted to be affiliated with Toitu Poneke (The Hub), which enables our teams to build even greater relationships ‘off’ the court. 

Known as the ‘Home of SMOG Netball’, Toitu Poneke, (The Hub) offers all our members access to other sporting communities that may serve both a personal or professional purpose and provides the unique opportunity for our club to become connected with other sporting codes. 

We are immensely proud of our affiliation to Toitu Poneke (The Hub) so watch this space in 2023 for some exciting and fun social events to come!​​​​​​​