SMOG Netball Club supports the growth and development of all players and we take a keen interest in players that are in their last years of secondary school, potentially looking for future clubs to play for when they leave school.  However, we also have a responsibility to support the local Wellington Netball College competition which remains highly competitive and often presents many opportunities where secondary school competitions can attract High Performance Talent scouts from around New Zealand. 

As a general rule, SMOG discourages school students from playing club netball and does not generally allow school students to play for SMOG. To enable the best opportunities, however, for all of our members (current and future) SMOG will only consider applications from school students to play club netball for SMOG under the following circumstances:

  • the School which the student attends does not have any teams playing Premier netball in the Netball Wellington Competition​​​​​​​ or other similar satelite competition (e.g., Hutt or Porirua) AND
  • playing netball for their school team will hinder that players development.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and decisions made at the Club's discretion, with the endorsement from Netball Wellington Centre.  Approval must also be granted by the School which that student attends and notification made to Netball Wellington Centre. It is a decision we do not make lightly as a club as we take into account the social, mental and emotionally aspects of a school student playing and training within an adult environment.

If you feel your daughter may fall into the exceptions above, please feel free to contact us via and a member of the Executive Board will be in direct contact with you to discuss the details of your application to request playing for SMOG Netball.