SMOG Netball Club prides itself upon being a FUN, INCLUSIVE, ACTIVE, VIBRANT, COMPETITIVE club where we welcome members from all walks of life.  Behind the scenes in the engine room, we have a core group of volunteers who work hard to provide our teams a memorable netball season where they walk away at the end of it, excited about coming back the next season.

A club as big as ours, requires significant financial resources to keep it running and we are lucky to have funding sources to tap into that kindly help us provide our members with a netball season that caters for not just those who simply want to play, but also for those who play to keep active but equally enjoy the social activities our club has to offer.

Off the court we have annual activities that include: 

  • Quiz Night 
  • Prizegiving 
  • Social nights 
  • Fitness nights with our partners Elevate Plus
  • Fundraising activities

In early 2020, we became the only Wellington netball club to become affiliated into Toitu Poneke (The Hub) and this is a relationship we value immensely. We look upon Toitu Poneke (The Hub) as the 'Home of SMOG Netball' and we regard these premises as our own clubrooms.  In 2021 all our social and fundraising events will be held here, and the use of all facilities are at our disposal upon request.  In addition, as these premises are shared with Poneke Rugby Club during the Winter season, each Saturday we will be encouraging all our teams to pop down to Toitu Poneke (The Hub) so we can integrate club activities together to make the season even more fun and entertaining!

In 2021, we have chosen to move away from a traditional Club Captain position and instead the Executive Board will take an active role in the operational requirements of running the club during the year, in conjunction with our SMOG Committee.  We believe that while it is important to sit across the club from a strategic and governance perspective, having the Executive take on active roles ensures the club is well managed, escalations addressed quickly, code of conduct policies are adhered to, and the voice of our members are ‘heard’ particularly where improvements can be made.  Don’t be surprised if you see them on the side-lines of your games no matter what grade you are!

SMOG Prizegiving is our main event of the season and we strive to make it a night to remember.  Prizegiving night often presents entertaining antics, endless selfies, inebriated conversations, endless food, terrible dance moves but most of all, the most memorable of nights.  Details on SMOG Prizegiving for 2021 will be posted as early as June, so be sure to check our website.